I fought getting these iPhones for a long time, but now that we got them, I'm all about the free apps. One that David discovered recently is called Instagram, and it's a photo-taking, editing, and sharing app. You can follow other people too and see all of their photos. And the editing... well not really editing, just filters, really - are really cool. Here are some we've taken in the past couple of weeks.
Here is Lucy leaping into a pile of leaves. Yes, this was in October of this year, not 1985.

The kids all dolled up for neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Truman after his final t-ball game of the year. He got a goodie bag and a real medal! He loved t-ball so much and can't wait to do it again. He loves everything so much now. It's wonderful. He's wonderful.

This is my great-nephew, Landon. He is seven months old and gigantic and cute. There's actually a sad story to go along with why I have this picture of him. Landon's mom is my niece, my sister's daughter, Chelsea. Chelsea's stepmom, Anita, who was married to Chelsea's dad for fifteen years, killed herself last Friday at their house. It was totally unexpected and a complete shock for everyone who knew her. I hung out with Landon and other kids during the funeral last week (the funeral home offered a kids' room, which I thought was very nice), and that's when I took this picture. I didn't know Anita well, but would see her a few times a year since she married Chelsea's dad. I've known Chelsea's dad longer than I've known Chelsea, about 23 or 24 years. It's all very heartbreaking and sad.

Truman with a very red leaf in our backyard. It's gotten cold suddenly, but having lots of leaves to play in makes up for it.

This is a self-inflicted picture I took this morning when I was completely bored waiting for it to be time to go to church. We set our clocks back last night, which is nice in that we get an extra hour on our weekend, but made the whole Sunday feel completely off.  


  1. Love the pics! Yes, yesterday was the longest Sunday EVER!!!! Primary program practice didn't help :)


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