end of fall

With Thanksgiving this week, we also noticed a drastic change from fall to winter weather. Early in the week, Penny was all smiles in her Fourth of July dress, snow boots, and hat (which was a gift-bag treasure from Joseph's birthday party last weekend). I think there may be some blue pants under that dress too. 
On Thanksgiving Day, we got to have dinner with our friends The Rosens. This is the kid table - Truman and Penny with Elijah and Leah. We all got to try unfamiliar variations on typical Thanksgiving foods, and there was no strife which might be found in a 'real' family gathering (at least in mine). We opted not to eat with my mom and stepdad for a couple of reasons. One is that at Thanksgiving last year, my stepdad told David we needed to move out of the house we were renting from him. Which kind of started six months of the hardest challenges of our lives. The other is that my sister has been having psychotic alcoholic episodes and, while I'm fairly certain she'd not show up at all, I didn't want to face the possibility of having to deal with her and all that. 
Hannah Rosen made us these adorable little place cards, and Brooke made yummy pumpkin pie.

Friday morning, we were nuts and tried to brave Black Friday shoppers. We thought we had a good plan, but things didn't really turn out. I've gone to Target a few years in a row and had good experiences, but this year, it was C-R-A-Z-Y. Disorganized lines, rude customers, screaming... We'd tried Walmart just before that, only to learn that they were already out of the TV we wanted (even though this was 4:30 a.m. and the TV did not go on sale until 5:00 a.m.). Finally we ended up at Best Buy, where we found a TV we liked, as well as a Flip camera, then stood in line for 56 minutes to pay for them. The best part of Black Friday was hanging out with David and then going out to eat breakfast together at Cracker Barrel before we picked up the kids from my mom's. The rest of the day all five of us were pretty cranky, though, and it was hard to avoid being snippy and getting into arguments. So, I don't think that losing the Spirit in our home is worth Black Friday savings. I don't think we'll do it again. 


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