Adventures in Babysitting

Yesterday we were able to do a lot of babysitting. In the morning, we had four boys over while their parents and oldest brother went to a church activity. Four boys between the ages of two and eight, you might think it was crazy, but the only crazy part was how well-behaved and polite they were! Also our neighbor, Joseph, came over to play, so for awhile we had eight children under eight years old in our house. The youngest sat at the table and had a snack when Penny long enough for me to catch a picture:

Later in the evening I went and picked up my niece's son, or in other words, my great-nephew, Landon. But that makes me sound incredibly old, so let's just say he's my nephew. He spent the night with us so his mom could go out with her friends for some fun. We went to Joseph's house next door for his birthday party (7) and had yummy Una pizza and ice cream cake. We were introduced to Joe's grandparents, Billy and Leo, though I am not sure if that is the grandpa and the grandma or the grandma and the grandpa.
Landon is a very easygoing baby. He would get fussy only if I put him down and/or left the room, but luckily for him, he's completely adorable and I didn't want to put him down and/or leave the room!
He went to bed about 10:00 and then slept until almost 6:00. I was up a few times having the OH MY GOSH THE BABY SUFFOCATED AND DIED fear - How nice it has been to not have to deal with that fear and irrational thinking in years now! - but once he got up at 6 for a bottle, he was up for the day in his opinion.
He came to church with us, which was fun and challenging at the same time. We're such pansies. We've totally gotten used to having kids to wrangle during sacrament meeting, and then sending them on to their respective classes for the rest of the time. I forgot how exhausting church can be with a baby! Overall though, it was fun, and a nice chance to get to know Landon a little better. The kids enjoy having a cousin to play with and dote on, and he seemed to enjoyed being played with and doted upon.


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