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end of fall

With Thanksgiving this week, we also noticed a drastic change from fall to winter weather. Early in the week, Penny was all smiles in her Fourth of July dress, snow boots, and hat (which was a gift-bag treasure from Joseph's birthday party last weekend). I think there may be some blue pants under that dress too.  On Thanksgiving Day, we got to have dinner with our friends The Rosens. This is the kid table - Truman and Penny with Elijah and Leah. We all got to try unfamiliar variations on typical Thanksgiving foods, and there was no strife which might be found in a 'real' family gathering (at least in mine). We opted not to eat with my mom and stepdad for a couple of reasons. One is that at Thanksgiving last year, my stepdad told David we needed to move out of the house we were renting from him. Which kind of started six months of the hardest challenges of our lives. The other is that my sister has been having psychotic alcoholic episodes and, while I'm fairly certain sh…

Adventures in Babysitting

Yesterday we were able to do a lot of babysitting. In the morning, we had four boys over while their parents and oldest brother went to a church activity. Four boys between the ages of two and eight, you might think it was crazy, but the only crazy part was how well-behaved and polite they were! Also our neighbor, Joseph, came over to play, so for awhile we had eight children under eight years old in our house. The youngest sat at the table and had a snack when Penny long enough for me to catch a picture:

Later in the evening I went and picked up my niece's son, or in other words, my great-nephew, Landon. But that makes me sound incredibly old, so let's just say he's my nephew. He spent the night with us so his mom could go out with her friends for some fun. We went to Joseph's house next door for his birthday party (7) and had yummy Una pizza and ice cream cake. We were introduced to Joe's grandparents, Billy and Leo, though I am not sure if that is the grandpa and…
We went to the Evansville State Hospital grounds. We didn't mean to go there. We had errands, and Truman was begging to play at a park. The nearest one, one we've frequented with friends, was bare of children but had two very shady looking grown men sitting at a picnic table together. In the middle of a weekday. Yeah. Up to no good. I didn't feel good about going there. The kids were kind of angry with me, but only because they are completely sheltered and really can't grasp the idea of drunks, drug deals, or general thievery. So the nearest alternative was the State Hospital grounds, which is a gigantic meadow with a pond or two and loads of ducks. It was chilly, which was nice for me since it meant the kids only wanted to play for a short time. 
Sometimes, a lot lately it seems, I get frustrated with my children because they seem to be ungrateful for their fabulous lives. I am not sure how to make them appreciate the safety and security they enjoy without putting them…


I fought getting these iPhones for a long time, but now that we got them, I'm all about the free apps. One that David discovered recently is called Instagram, and it's a photo-taking, editing, and sharing app. You can follow other people too and see all of their photos. And the editing... well not really editing, just filters, really - are really cool. Here are some we've taken in the past couple of weeks.
Here is Lucy leaping into a pile of leaves. Yes, this was in October of this year, not 1985.
The kids all dolled up for neighborhood trick-or-treating.
Truman after his final t-ball game of the year. He got a goodie bag and a real medal! He loved t-ball so much and can't wait to do it again. He loves everything so much now. It's wonderful. He's wonderful.
This is my great-nephew, Landon. He is seven months old and gigantic and cute. There's actually a sad story to go along with why I have this picture of him. Landon's mom is my niece, my sister's daug…

pirates and mice and kansans oh my

For the first year since 2005, our family did not do a whole-family theme for our Halloween costumes. I was very sad. I still dressed up, but David refused. The kids were Minnie Mouse, Jack Sparrow, and Dorothy Gayle, respectively.
These were taken right before we left for the Halloween festivities at Angel Mounds, which turned out to be a pretty great time. It's way closer to us than the Boo At The Zoo, was cheaper, and was a nice mix of indoor and outdoor activities (it was a bit chilly). Penny was having a meltdown because we wanted her to wear her ponytails and blue ribbons. The ponytails and blue ribbons she insisted on having when we bought the costume, but which suddenly and inexplicably, became her nemesis when it was time to actually go someplace.