goodnight, sweetheart

David went to priesthood session of general conference Saturday night. The kids looked so adorable in their jammies at bedtime that I couldn't resist taking a photo and sending it to him. We read books together on Truman's pirate bed every night - one book each, so three total - after we say a prayer and then either sing a hymn or read some scriptures. Then I tuck Truman in and he says, "Meeting!" which means I have to lie down beside him and answer five or six questions he's thought of during the day. Then I kiss Penny and she says, "Gimme five. To the side. In the hole. You cleaned my toilet bowl." Then I kiss Lucy, but she will only permit nose or cheek kisses, and only reciprocates my "I love you" about half the time. The teenage years loom closer and closer.

And have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? He helps with all of this bedtime madness every night he's not working, plus helps with a million other little things that make my life so much more pleasant. He is wonderful!


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