farm field trip

Last week, our homeschool co-op group took a field trip to Goebel Farm. We went on a tour of the farm, learned the difference between straw and hay (who knew?), took a STRAW ride pulled by a tractor, wandered a pumpkin field, picked our own Indian corn, and the kids went up and down the barn slide about a thousand times.
Here is Truman before the tour began. 
The kids got to go on the dock and throw food to the fish in the pond. Then some kids (none of mine) took turns tossing the dog's toy into the pond, and he swam out and retrieved it. Made us wish we had a smart, talented dog at home like that.

Wandering in the pumpkin fields.

We had a lot of fun and it was so nice to be around other homeschoolers. There were just about as many parents as children, somehow! I also ran into someone I graduated from high school with, who is also homeschooling, so that was a very nice surprise. Hopefully we'll get to do more fun field trips with the co-op.


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