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Mummy Meatloaf

We had mummy meatloaf for dinner yesterday, being the last Sunday before Halloween and all. I just made a usual meatloafy recipe (grass fed ground beef, eggs, seasonings, topped with a tiny bit of tomato and brown sugar) and formed the blob into a mummy-ish shape. The recipe said to make folded arms as well, but then it would not be a uniform thickness and I'm nothing if not a stickler for avoidance of foodborne illnesses.

Our particular one pound meat loaf took 25 minutes to bake to an internal temperature of 165F. Then I cut mozzarella slices into strips and laid them over the mummy body in an overlapping fashion. Two sliced black olives completed the look. 

Angel Mounds

We've been learning a bit about Native Americans, so we took a field trip to Angel Mounds. It's very close to our house, and visiting on a weekday afternoon we were fortunate enough to be the only people in the entire place. We spent almost an hour at the interpretive center inside, then another 90 minutes outside at the mounds.
Keeping a lookout at the stockade wall I liked this. :) So I took a picture of it. Carving out a canoe.
Tribal council in the roundhouse. 

Truman visits the dentist

Truman and I had dental cleanings and checkups last week. This was his third or fourth trip to the dentist and he did great! Only gagged a little bit (who wouldn't gag on chocolate toothpaste?) and got a new 3D Spiderman toothbrush for his good behavior.

fall in Bloomington


Penny has been taking gymnastics for a few weeks now and lo-o-o-o-oves it. She's in a class for 4-7 year olds but you can't tell she's a year younger than everyone else. She elbows her way into the mix just like she does at home.
Here she is all dolled up and ready to go. Pink cowgirl boots are at least two sizes too small, so my goal for her this Christmas is to find a suitable, fitting replacement.


These are our friends, the Rosens. Actually their mom is one of my best friends here. And it just so happens that they have three kids whose ages and genders are quite similar to ours, so playtime with them is always extremely fun. (left to right: Rosen2, Rosen3, Harper3, Harper2, Rosen1, Harper1)

goodnight, sweetheart

David went to priesthood session of general conference Saturday night. The kids looked so adorable in their jammies at bedtime that I couldn't resist taking a photo and sending it to him. We read books together on Truman's pirate bed every night - one book each, so three total - after we say a prayer and then either sing a hymn or read some scriptures. Then I tuck Truman in and he says, "Meeting!" which means I have to lie down beside him and answer five or six questions he's thought of during the day. Then I kiss Penny and she says, "Gimme five. To the side. In the hole. You cleaned my toilet bowl." Then I kiss Lucy, but she will only permit nose or cheek kisses, and only reciprocates my "I love you" about half the time. The teenage years loom closer and closer.

And have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? He helps with all of this bedtime madness every night he's not working, plus helps with a million other little things that make my l…

farm field trip

Last week, our homeschool co-op group took a field trip to Goebel Farm. We went on a tour of the farm, learned the difference between straw and hay (who knew?), took a STRAW ride pulled by a tractor, wandered a pumpkin field, picked our own Indian corn, and the kids went up and down the barn slide about a thousand times.
Here is Truman before the tour began.  The kids got to go on the dock and throw food to the fish in the pond. Then some kids (none of mine) took turns tossing the dog's toy into the pond, and he swam out and retrieved it. Made us wish we had a smart, talented dog at home like that.

Wandering in the pumpkin fields.
We had a lot of fun and it was so nice to be around other homeschoolers. There were just about as many parents as children, somehow! I also ran into someone I graduated from high school with, who is also homeschooling, so that was a very nice surprise. Hopefully we'll get to do more fun field trips with the co-op.