Homeschool this week

We covered a lot this week. I really can't even remember it all. We lucked out that Wednesday we were to talk about Ming China and that is also the day that David gets to be home during the morning because he teaches a night class. So while I scooted off to do some solo grocery shopping (oh the things that are now luxuries...) he took over school. The next day, Truman decided to draw this picture of the Forbidden City.

Thursday we took a walk on the riverfront trail by our house and collected all sorts of leaves in a big paper bag. Then we came home and sorted them by size - small, medium, large. I realize this activity is a bit too simple for Lucy, but she enjoyed the exercise, and always seems to get satisfaction from helping her younger siblings master something new.
The kids spent several hours this week playing with the six-year-old boy who lives next door. He and his family are Seventh-day Adventists, and  the combination of SDA doctrine and LDS doctrine has made for some very comical dramatic play! It's also been a good learning experience for the kids to know that not everyone observes the Sabbath on Sunday as we do, so they have learned to accept and respect that their friend won't come over to play on Saturday. 


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