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Homeschool this week

We covered a lot this week. I really can't even remember it all. We lucked out that Wednesday we were to talk about Ming China and that is also the day that David gets to be home during the morning because he teaches a night class. So while I scooted off to do some solo grocery shopping (oh the things that are now luxuries...) he took over school. The next day, Truman decided to draw this picture of the Forbidden City.

Thursday we took a walk on the riverfront trail by our house and collected all sorts of leaves in a big paper bag. Then we came home and sorted them by size - small, medium, large. I realize this activity is a bit too simple for Lucy, but she enjoyed the exercise, and always seems to get satisfaction from helping her younger siblings master something new. The kids spent several hours this week playing with the six-year-old boy who lives next door. He and his family are Seventh-day Adventists, and  the combination of SDA doctrine and LDS doctrine has made for some very…


This is a successful weekday lunch for my kids. A successful lunch is one in which most of the food is eaten, and the bestowal of the plates before the children does not meet with I DON'T LIKE THIS____.
Turkey, rolled up; laughing cow cheese wedge; buttery crackers; apples; carrots.


We had several little girls over for most of the day today, and it wore Penelope right out. She kept falling asleep on the couch but when the top pillow would fall off, would immediately wake up and demand it be placed gingerly back on top of her. I guess she craves that oppressive weight because her life is so carefree.

family tree

Lucy woke up early this morning, and rather than sticking to the usual routine of watching PBS while we wait for the household to get moving, started to work on this right away. It's her family tree, which is kind of odd since we haven't even talked about anything like this lately. She's got me and David, and our parents (both sets of mine; stepdad in baseball cap even); I guess PP means Papaw. Plus, her siblings, our dog, and all of David's siblings and their children and my sister, her husband, and their daughters are all represented. Everyone is designated by initials.