Thursday afternoon, the kids and I started to make some Zoe/Sesame Street cupcakes. They are in a recipe book we have and Lucy has been begging to make them for weeks, but we never had all the ingredients (or time). We had just measured out the flour and then Penny dropped one of the two raw eggs sitting on the counter. I started to clean it up, but then the dog came in and started to lick it up, which made me want to throw up, so I sent the kids into the living room and the dog to his cage. I wiped it up, then decided to pour on some antibacterial cleaner for good measure, and wiped that up too (or so I thought). I washed my hands and then turned to grab a towel to dry, and slipped like a cartoon cop on banana peels. My left thigh went west and left shin went east and there was a sickening pop and a rubber-band-like snap. I knew something was hurt.
My friend Tiffany came over, David had to leave his class early and come home and take me to the ER. Before that, I stood up and it did POP again - back in place, I think - and hurt a bit less. Though straightening was still excruciating. Three hours at the ER later, I have a sprained knee, maybe a torn ligament (they didn't do an MRI) and crutches for 'at least five days.'

This is  a stye which has nothing at all to do with the knee; I just woke up with it the next day and it's an added bonus.

David has to had to play the role of both mother and father for the past three days. I think he is very ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I'm certainly not ready for that! The kids have mostly been great about everything and very helpful, fetching me things and remembering not to climb on my left leg. I'm sure we'll be fine, though we may end up watching quite a bit more TV than usual in the next couple of days.


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