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Last Saturday, I had to go to a stake leadership training at church. I didn't want to go, mainly because many of the women there had (unknowingly) done something incredibly hurtful to me the previous day and it was all I could do to keep from bawling like a psychopath. But I did go - for as long as I could, anyway - and while there, David took this picture of the kids having their snack on the stairs. I guess the dog thought that if he sat like them, David would think he was a kid and give him a bowl of snacks too. (Didn't work, sorry Sawyer)


Thursday afternoon, the kids and I started to make some Zoe/Sesame Street cupcakes. They are in a recipe book we have and Lucy has been begging to make them for weeks, but we never had all the ingredients (or time). We had just measured out the flour and then Penny dropped one of the two raw eggs sitting on the counter. I started to clean it up, but then the dog came in and started to lick it up, which made me want to throw up, so I sent the kids into the living room and the dog to his cage. I wiped it up, then decided to pour on some antibacterial cleaner for good measure, and wiped that up too (or so I thought). I washed my hands and then turned to grab a towel to dry, and slipped like a cartoon cop on banana peels. My left thigh went west and left shin went east and there was a sickening pop and a rubber-band-like snap. I knew something was hurt.
My friend Tiffany came over, David had to leave his class early and come home and take me to the ER. Before that, I stood up and it did PO…

another zoo day

We go to the zoo quite a bit, but haven't been in a few months because it's been so. dang. hot. But this week it's cooled off a bit and we went out there Thursday afternoon.

Those playful otters are so funny.

Sorry I'm not home right now; I'm walkin into spider webs...

The Chinese Restaurant

I don't remember whose idea it was at first, but on Tuesday we decided to make our dining room into a Chinese restaurant. We made paper lanterns and strung them up with clothesline, and made menus from red construction paper and gold fabric paint. We dug out our gold lamé tablecloth, too. We made crab rangoon, fried rice, and honey chicken for dinner, and bought fortune cookies for dessert. David was pleasantly surprised when he came home from work! It was so much fun.


We made coracles today, out of fuzzy sticks, plastic bags, and tape. The kids filled them with diorama figures from our ancient Egypt collection and we set sail in a Rubbermaid tote. 
We are doing Sonlight curriculum this year. We're only on week two (even though we started two weeks ago - Truman's surgery and a couple of day trips delayed the 'real' start of our school year) but so far, are loving it. All three kids can learn from the same set, and Lucy has her own second grade level math work each day. 
Soon they will start swimming, soccer, art, gym, and co-op again. 
If I sent my children to school, what on earth would I do all day for seven hours? One can only clean the house and grocery shop so much.

The Fabulous Miss L.

Lucy wanted her hair curled for church today. I was reminded of my mom rolling up my hair in rags or sponge rollers on Saturday night so I'd have curly hair on Sunday morning. 
Lucy and David have decided Saturday morning will be their bike riding time together. Two weeks in a row now! She made him this thank-you card after their first outing. It was sweet to see her beaming with pride when they came back from their together-time.