so busy

We have been having far too much fun to keep up with blogging. We ordered a swing set for the kids and it arrived a few days ago. David stayed out very late, being eaten up by mosquitoes, to assemble it. He didn't get done, so he was back out there at the crack of dawn the following morning to finish up. The kids have loved it, but unfortunately we've had heat advisories every day since (ack!), and so we've had to limit their play to about 15 minutes at a time.

We've also had multiple illnesses going on. Truman got a terrible ear infection two weeks ago (his pediatrician called it, "The worst I've ever seen.") and then went to the ENT for his surgery consultation. He will get two ear tubes put in on Tuesday, August 3rd. He may also need his adenoids removed, but we won't know until they have hi m sedated if that'll be necessary. I am hoping not because it means more anesthesia and a longer recovery.

Penny also had double ear infections and a terrible cough. Her nebulizer wasn't even helping much. Finally after a few days on a prescription, she began to feel better. I also got sick that week with a cough and body aches and fever. It was not a happy time at the Harpers.

We are trying to pack in lots of fun and swimming in the next week or so before Truman's surgery, since he'll have to keep his ear totally dry afterwards. We are going to make another trip to Holiday World thanks to a combination of free tickets from our internet provider and David's boss.


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