Since breaking the phone camera, it's so much more bothersome to upload pictures, and blogging has suffered because of it. So much is going on right now! I just finished my persuasive writing class - pretty sure I got an A. I'll be wrapping up the online finance class this week. David finishes up spring semester this week too. The sucky part of that is he has to attend commencement on Friday night - booooring. Last week we finally closed on our Bloomington condo - hooray! Then this week the dumb mortgage company still took out our payment - booo! They're going to give it back to us but it'll take up to 15 days. Ridiculous. The title company there also made us overpay by about $800 and they'll supposedly send it back to us too. What a fiasco. And we just found out today we're closing on our new Newburgh house next week - hopefully they won't need much money because we're pretty much tapped out.

In other news - Lucy learned to ride her bike on Saturday! She's been so-so at it for months now, but for some reason she was determined to learn it for real that day. She kept crying, and we kept encouraging her to just take a break, but she would yell, "I DON'T WANT TO QUIT!" And she didn't! She was so proud of herself after that.


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