new house

We closed on our new house yesterday! Whoop!
We're pretty excited. Probably the most excited about this house than we've ever been about any house we've purchased. In our marriage, we have bought four houses.
2000 - we bought a tiny (680 sq ft!) house because it was cheaper than rent and we could paint the walls. We lived there for four years, and that's where we lived when Lucy was born.
2004 - we bought a much bigger (2.5x) house and then Truman was born.
2007 - we bought a condo as David was finishing up graduate school. Again, cheaper than renting.
2010 - our fourth! Aaaahhh. This time it's big enough, in the right location, and we love most of the updates that have already been done (mainly the kitchen).

We're going out of town for 2 weeks so we'll wait to move when we get back.


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