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new house

We closed on our new house yesterday! Whoop!
We're pretty excited. Probably the most excited about this house than we've ever been about any house we've purchased. In our marriage, we have bought four houses.
2000 - we bought a tiny (680 sq ft!) house because it was cheaper than rent and we could paint the walls. We lived there for four years, and that's where we lived when Lucy was born.
2004 - we bought a much bigger (2.5x) house and then Truman was born.
2007 - we bought a condo as David was finishing up graduate school. Again, cheaper than renting.
2010 - our fourth! Aaaahhh. This time it's big enough, in the right location, and we love most of the updates that have already been done (mainly the kitchen).

We're going out of town for 2 weeks so we'll wait to move when we get back.

Revelation at the temple

We went to the Louisville temple this past Saturday. I stayed with the kids while David was inside helping out with youth baptisms. We were taking pictures and playing, when this older man approached me and said, "Sister?" and I thought for sure he was going to tell me to keep my kids out of the mulch or something - but he said, "Do your children have piggy banks?" And I said that we had at least one, somewhere, in our house. He asked if it'd be okay if he gave them something for their piggy banks, and I said sure. We've had old people give the kids quarters and stuff before. So he went to his car and came back with THIS - a roll of 25 $1 Millard Fillmore coins! He told the kids they should save money and that I'd split it for them three ways.
Then he said to me, "Do everything you can to get out of debt. There are very rough times coming."
Then he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
Well... not really that last part. But how WEIRD.


My goal was five, and I accomplished four. My fifth one will be done soon and given to my aunt who wasn't with us at today's pre-Mother's Day shebang. They are pieces of my great-grandmother's clothes (as you can see, she was very into appliques - very appropriate for a 92 year old woman).

Also today our ward had a youth temple trip. We went, and David went and helped with the baptisms. A young woman from our ward was baptized for my grandma and great-grandma. I'm giving her a big hug tomorrow. It's such a nice way to have a connection to my loved ones who I can't see on Mother's Day.


Since breaking the phone camera, it's so much more bothersome to upload pictures, and blogging has suffered because of it. So much is going on right now! I just finished my persuasive writing class - pretty sure I got an A. I'll be wrapping up the online finance class this week. David finishes up spring semester this week too. The sucky part of that is he has to attend commencement on Friday night - booooring. Last week we finally closed on our Bloomington condo - hooray! Then this week the dumb mortgage company still took out our payment - booo! They're going to give it back to us but it'll take up to 15 days. Ridiculous. The title company there also made us overpay by about $800 and they'll supposedly send it back to us too. What a fiasco. And we just found out today we're closing on our new Newburgh house next week - hopefully they won't need much money because we're pretty much tapped out.

In other news - Lucy learned to ride her bike on Saturday! Sh…