broken camera & hives

One day last week when my cell phone alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., telling me to get up and go to the gym, I *ahem* accidentally threw it to the floor. Since then, the camera (which is pretty great for a phone camera; most of the pics here are from the phone) has ceased function. This has been very sad for me.

Today we had one of those moments when it's nice to always have a camera handy. We went to the Y (all of us). David, Lucy, and I swam while Truman and Penny went to the child watch. We picked them up, and drove by the library so I could return a mountain of books. Then we stopped at the bread store on the way home. We noticed Truman was bright red. His ears were deep red, almost purple, and his arms and legs as well. He was covered in tiny hive-ish bumps. His skin under his clothes (t-shirt, shorts, socks) was totally normal. He hadn't had anything to eat in quite some time, and looked fine when we'd left the Y. He said it didn't itch, but during the 90 seconds we were in the bread store, we could see it was getting worse. So we stopped at Walgreens across the street and got some Benadryl and gave it to him immediately. Within ten minutes, he started to look better, and by an hour, it was all gone. We're still confounded. It seems it must've been something in the air either when we walked from the Y to the van, or when I opened the van door next to him to retrieve the library books. The fact that his skin under his clothes was fine also indicates it was something in the air and not something he ate or touched.


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