I lost my voice yesterday. It was raspy on Monday, but on Tuesday morning, it was totally gone. Ditto for today, and today the pain in my throat and ear is a lot worse. Being sick is the pits.

So this makes it impossible for me to yell, at the kids, or the dog, or anyone. A creepy guy walked down the street, and I envisioned a whole scenario in which he breaks into the house to murder us with an axe, and I have to text 911 because I can't speak.

This kids, however, are enjoying this thoroughly. Truman pretends to have 'forgotten' several times a day that I can't talk and asks me why I'm "talking in that night-time voice."

In other news, we were expecting an offer on our condo yesterday, and it didn't come. Sigh. We are driving to Pennsylvania next week, so David can tour and interview at Seton Hill. Everything is so in limbo. At least I did finally get my mother to listen to me while I told her we're going to Pennsylvania. Before, she gets all spaced out and shuts down when I talk about moving. I think she's finally pulling her head out of the sand, though she still clings to crazy hope that David is going to go to work at Berry Plastics or something. :/


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