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This is most of my haul from Walmart this morning. I took Tru and Lu while David stayed home and had a dia especial with Penny. I hate going to Walmart, but with kids in tow and limited time, they suck me in with the convenience: dry erase board, toothpaste, and grapes, in a one-stop shop.
But I'm determined to cut way back on these trips. I easily drop $40 - $75 each trip, and come out feeling like, did I even get anything?
So March is my Walmart-Free Month. We're pretty set on food for a couple of weeks at least, though it'd be interesting to try and go an entire month without buying food as well. Maybe for April. Other items I can get at other stores - I'm not opposed to Aldi, etc. - just trying to fight the WalBeast.

Yes, we are messed up.

One of the many joys of visiting the laundromat is all of the interesting people one encounters there. Saturday night, after Lucy's birthday festivities were over and we were all a hypoglycemic, exhausted wreck, I took a few loads of washed-but-wet clothes over the local -omat for drying. As I was taking my dry duds out of the machine, I heard a man's gruff voice saying, "Heather? Is your name Heather?" I turned and did not recognize the man behind me. He was extremely thin, had shoulder-length, curly gray hair, a winter cap, a long bony nose, and lots of wrinkles. He said, "Do you remember me?" Shake head, no. "I'm Jimi!"

Then I remembered him. My sister, who is six years older than I, dated Jimi for quite a few years in the early to mid-1990s. Jimi (yes, J-I-M-I, I do not know why) and my sister never lived together. She would stay at his house on weekends, but during the week she, and my niece, stayed at our house, with us. My memories of Ji…


I am officially a GOES graduate! ::Insert Happy Dance::

Truman Turns Four!

Truman turned four on Wednesday. He is a ray of sunshine in our family. We wanted him for a very long time before he finally came, and maybe that was to make us appreciate him in the arduous, difficult early two years of his life. He has changed into the most laidback, happy-go-lucky person in our Harper quintet. We had a small at-home celebration with a few presents (Playmobil pirate boat, Vikings, Diego Leapster game, stretchy frog). Then on Saturday we had a friends party - more presents! And Truman's favorite foods: pizza, celery & carrots, and a Scooby-Doo cake.