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feeling better

...and she's even agreeing to hold the mask herself during neb treatments! She had a check yesterday and her ears are clearing up, but there's still some stuff in her right lung that she needs to cough out. We encourage coughing.

lowest common denominator

Penny's is home! She's crazy and grumpy and hyper from the steroids, and we go back to the doctor tomorrow to make sure all is well, but I think she's going to be okay. I am seriously thinking about a flu shot for her now, though. This pneumonia was triggered by a simple cold virus, so it's scary to think what influenza might do to her.

In other news, I've mentioned before, we go to a laundromat now. We did buy a washing machine, and rack dry most stuff, but today the kids all had new sheets so I washed them and their blankets, then took them over to the o-mat for drying.
I saw this on one of the Big Boy washers:

This is how I felt when we were in the hospital - because some people (or in the hospital case, some parents) are total morons, we are all treated like idiots.
Penny is in the hospital with pneumonia. She's responding well to medication and will hopefully be able to go home tomorrow. We've only been here eight hours and it already feels like three days.

Truman the Therapist

Earlier this week, I was driving with the kids, and I had a lot on my mind. We have had a lot happening in the past month - being forced out of our home, moving into an undesirable, more expensive house, searching for jobs out of fear of losing the current one, a busted pipe and extensive water damage to our and our neighbor's condos in Bloominton, which is up for sale, paying mortgage and rent, and three different respiratory viruses. Truman was trying to talk to me about something and I guess I was being a little short with him in my replies.
He said, "Mommy, it sounds like you are mad at me."
I said, "I'm not mad at you, Truman."
"But mommy, your voice sounds like you're mad to me."
"I'm not mad!"
"Well, let's talk about something happy. Let's talk about CMOE!"
My sweet little three year old guy was picking up on my irritation, not at him, just at life in general, and trying to distract me from my anxieties.

Sick Penny

My Penny is so sick. Last night, she had a little cough. This morning, runny nose, but was mostly fine. Then suddenly this afternoon she drooped. Gobs of snot, glassy eyes, gagging on drainage, and a fever just over 102. She could only nap successfully sitting up, otherwise she choked on snot. Luckily my friend Tasha brought over some Benadryl and she was able to get a little relief from the nose. I'm grateful for friends who help me out in a pinch!

hot dog

Sawyer keeping warm by the space heater.