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Some friends from Bloomington came for a visit today. The kids were so excited. I wouldn't tell them who it was - they guessed everything from Mimi and Miley to Unicorns and Pegasus. We all went to lunch and then to CMOE. A super fun day, and a great distraction from the loads of cleaning and unpacking that still lie ahead of us!

Pajama Party

Last week, the local library held a Polar Express reading/pajama party in the evening. After dinner, we put the kids into the jammies and headed right over. They listened to the story, then danced and played jingle bells along to Christmas music.

Movin' on up... to the east side

We are moving again. We moved into this house last year on 12/26 and now we get to move to another house on 12/28. Can you tell I'm trying very hard to use positive language to describe this? We GET TO... not we HAVE TO. Honestly, I'm dreading it. The packing, the cleaning, the moving truck, the tape, the things that inevitably get lost in a move and not found again until time for the next move. To top it off, the house we're moving to is in a less desirable neighborhood, is considerably smaller, is older, and lacks some basic items we've come to rely on (dishwasher, washing machine, dryer). And the reason for the move... well don't get me started. It stems from greediness and family issues, I'll leave it at that.

So now we're trying to have a Clark Griswald "Good old-fashioned Christmas," while simultaneously packing and sorting our belongings. We want to get out of this house and into the new one before D goes back to work on the 4th. Oh yeah, an…

face frenzy

Over the weekend, Penny discovered how to draw the elements of a face. She did these three in about forty seconds this morning. She's on a face-drawing rampage!

I heart 4C

We got the camping prop box from 4C today. Once we figured out how to set up the two "tents," the kids had a blast playing with flashlights, the pretend fire, and all the campstove cooking pots and utensils.
(This picture is lousy... that's Truman and Penny reading a book on camping in one tent, and Penny in the other, and D on the floor warming himself by the fire.)