turkey toes

The first picture is my left foot (wasn't that a movie?), one year ago, the week before Thanksgiving. Penny dumped a 20 pound frozen turkey onto my foot, broke my little toe, and the whole thing turned into this swollen, blue, nasty mess.

This is today, three days before Thanksgiving a year later. Rammed my foot into the corner of a metal filing cabinet, and my pinkie toe went off at an odd angle from the other toes. Haven't been to the doctor, but I'm guessing it's broken, but without all the other foot damage I had last year.

this is not a tradition I care to continue.


  1. I didn't even know about last year's turkey incident! I was just thinking of the time right after the ice storm when Jan Stanfill dropped a giant frozen roast on Steve's toe...
    If you think it's broken, you should have someone look at it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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