I love this thing.

This is the amt100i from Precor. It's like running with 50% gravity. So much more fun than a treadmill, more of a workout than an elliptical, and even beats out my usual standby, the Arc Trainer. (Sorry AT... don't be jealous...)

Plus, with all the orange bits, it looks like a toy.


  1. So, do they have this at the Y? I'm thinking about joining... I could use the exercise, and Leah could to the child watch thing. The kids love the pool as well...

  2. Brooke, they have it at downtown for sure (2). Not sure about Dunigan because I hate working out there, and my kids don't like child watch there as well as they do downtown (ditto for me). LMK if you get a membership and we'll try to go when you go. Though we do downtown... I know Priddises and Lofthouses and Simses do Dunigan.


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