Circus, Circus

Best spot for watching the goings on.

Cotton candy.

Penny got a ladybug balloon bracelet from Sparkles the clown.

The kids love the circus. This was their second time for Truman and Penny, and the third time for Lucy. It's dang expensive - six of us went, so our reserve seats cost $120. We spent another $25 on cotton candy, popcorn, coloring books, and glow sticks. The show was pretty good - boring in a few part (horse lady and performing pigs were a big snooze) but downright thrilling in others (cylinder balancing swing guy, motorcycle cage guys).

When we came home, Truman and Lucy spent the afternoon playing circus. They put on my makeup, Lucy's clothes, and David's shoes, and became clowns. I think Truman's clown name was supposed to be Sloppy Joe but it sounded a lot like Floppy Jew. I'm so disappointed in my antiSemite clown son. ;)


  1. I didn't know the Shrine circus was so expensive! I'd hate to see what the Ringling Bro cost these days... I thought about taking the kids to the circus, but never got around to finding tickets.
    As for Floppy Jew, well that just cracks me up, lol!!!!


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