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Christmas Countdown!

My visiting teachers, Jolene and Amy, gave me this today at church. Ahhhh.... sweet. :) The kids can barely wait until December 1st to start using it! The phone picture isn't the best - there's a magnetic snowman that you move around in a spiral as you countdown to Christmas Eve (the 1 in the center).

Circus, Circus

Best spot for watching the goings on.

Cotton candy.

Penny got a ladybug balloon bracelet from Sparkles the clown.

The kids love the circus. This was their second time for Truman and Penny, and the third time for Lucy. It's dang expensive - six of us went, so our reserve seats cost $120. We spent another $25 on cotton candy, popcorn, coloring books, and glow sticks. The show was pretty good - boring in a few part (horse lady and performing pigs were a big snooze) but downright thrilling in others (cylinder balancing swing guy, motorcycle cage guys).

When we came home, Truman and Lucy spent the afternoon playing circus. They put on my makeup, Lucy's clothes, and David's shoes, and became clowns. I think Truman's clown name was supposed to be Sloppy Joe but it sounded a lot like Floppy Jew. I'm so disappointed in my antiSemite clown son. ;)

turkey toes

The first picture is my left foot (wasn't that a movie?), one year ago, the week before Thanksgiving. Penny dumped a 20 pound frozen turkey onto my foot, broke my little toe, and the whole thing turned into this swollen, blue, nasty mess.

This is today, three days before Thanksgiving a year later. Rammed my foot into the corner of a metal filing cabinet, and my pinkie toe went off at an odd angle from the other toes. Haven't been to the doctor, but I'm guessing it's broken, but without all the other foot damage I had last year.

this is not a tradition I care to continue.

I love this thing.

This is the amt100i from Precor. It's like running with 50% gravity. So much more fun than a treadmill, more of a workout than an elliptical, and even beats out my usual standby, the Arc Trainer. (Sorry AT... don't be jealous...)

Plus, with all the orange bits, it looks like a toy.

What do I do all day?

It's nearing the end of another day, and I again feel like I haven't gotten anything done, yet I'm totally exhausted.
Here's a rundown of my day.
4:55 a.m. wake up, pee, dress, go work out at the gym for an hour.
6:30 zombie-walk through walmart picking up odds & ends for an impromptu birthday lunch. and diapers. and scented oil plug-ins. you know, the basics.
7:00 a.m. come home, shower, eat, chase kids, dress kids, settle kid disputes. kiss husband goodbye for the day as he goes out to climb ladders and bring bacon.
8:00 a.m. start laundry for lucy. move my laundry to dryer. fold towels that were in dryer since....? then vacuum, sweep, clean counters, and straighten bathroom. bake cinnamon cake.
9:00 a.m. feed kids a snack, then load up (buckle one, buckle two, check buckle on three) and drive to dollar tree for party decorations.
9:20 a.m. penny breaks a very ugly knick-knack at dollar tree.
9:40 a.m. finally out of dollar tree. start driving home (buckle, buckle, check…