rainy days and fridays always get me down

We've had lots of rainy days in the last two weeks. Today was yet another. However, I was struck with a burst of energy and inspiration (a dangerous combination) and before 9 a.m. had washed two loads of laundry, cleared out and reorganized a kitchen cupboard, cleaned up breakfast, and dressed the kids. I decided a play date was just the thing we needed to round out our morning, so I sent text messages to three of our dearest friend families, and two were able to come over. The kids had a blast running through the house, dressed in bed sheets and Halloween masks. Then they spent some time in the garage riding bikes and the John Deere tractor toy. By 1:00 everyone was getting tired, grumpy, and hungry, so we had to call it a day. It's so nice to have rainy day friends!


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