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Spooky Eats

D had to work 2 hours late last night, so to appease the grumpy offspring, we made Halloween cupcakes.


Here we are at Boo at the Zoo. It was really cold, but we braved it (Lucy's costume is by far the warmest - next year I definitely want to be something fur-covered). We had a great time! The kids got loaded up on candies, coupons for free stuff, and 2 toothbrushes.

rainy days and fridays always get me down

We've had lots of rainy days in the last two weeks. Today was yet another. However, I was struck with a burst of energy and inspiration (a dangerous combination) and before 9 a.m. had washed two loads of laundry, cleared out and reorganized a kitchen cupboard, cleaned up breakfast, and dressed the kids. I decided a play date was just the thing we needed to round out our morning, so I sent text messages to three of our dearest friend families, and two were able to come over. The kids had a blast running through the house, dressed in bed sheets and Halloween masks. Then they spent some time in the garage riding bikes and the John Deere tractor toy. By 1:00 everyone was getting tired, grumpy, and hungry, so we had to call it a day. It's so nice to have rainy day friends!


Earlier this week we went to CMOE with our friends Tiffany and Mylee. Here's Penny pulling out Venus de Milo's intestines.

The kids are boogers.