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Mr. Mysterio

walkin on, walkin on, broken glass

I looked out the window and what did I see? I wish it were popcorn popping.
I opened the front door this morning to place some freecycled Pedipeds on the porch for pickup, and tons of glass came showering down on me. Thankfully the kids were not nearby or I'd have been scraping it out of scalps and eyes rather than just sweeping it off the foyer floor.
What happened?
I can't figure it out.
We rarely use this door (last time it was opened was 7 days ago), and we never heard anything, so presumably it happened when we weren't home.
I can't find a dead bird, or a rock, or a stray baseball.
This is definitely one for the Scooby Doo gang.


We went camping at Spring Mill State Park with some of our Bloomington friends to celebrate my birthday last week (dreadful having a 9/11 birthday). I don't think we took any actual pictures of the camping experience, but this is me and Penny in the morning, swollen and freezing cold.

This was a couple of days later, at my mom's. I don't know who or what I'm looking at. The kid on the far right of the picture is Haylie, my stepsister's daughter. Haylie has a self-inflicted haircut.

I had a really great birthday. The kids gave me good gifts, and David got me just what I wanted: an iPod arm thing for working out (so I don't have to keep tucking it into my sweaty bra), and a gift certificate for a massage. Ahhhhh....

a thing of beauty is a joy forever

Or at least 6-9 months, which is how long I expect this pyramid of Trader Joe's sunflower seed butter to last us.

Weekend Away

David and I got to go to my friend Lisa's wedding - alone, sans children - over Labor Day weekend. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding, so I got all dolled up in a fancy dress and everything! It took me about 24 hours to stop obsessing about the kids (who were in capable hands with my mom), and once I calmed down a little we were able to really enjoy ourselves.

I had really big hair. This looks like doll hair.

The whole wedding party. The cute tiny girl int he front is Lisa's niece.

Congratulations Lisa & Jason!

First day of (home)school(co-op)

L, T, and P, before their first day of homeschool co-op. They had a good time. L was a bit overwhelmed with figuring out where to go and when. I was a bit freaked out. But it all turned out okay and should be smooth sailing from here on out!

ice cream truck

What's more summer than buying ice cream from the neighborhood ice cream man (who, in our case, was a woman)?