The playroom/schoolroom has been taken over by garage sale preparations, so this morning we did a craft at the kitchen table. The kids decorated their letters (L,T,P) with gold lentils and squares of paper. We've been talking about shapes all week (more so for T & P obviously), and the glue-lentil, glue-paper connection establishes one-to-one correspondence.Later in the morning, we went to story time at the public library. Normally, D takes the kids to story time on Thursdays, but he had a meeting, so I got the pleasure of checking it out. Penny was feeling sleepy and grumpy, so she spent most of the time resting on big sister's lap. (The pink cowgirl boots are one of many pairs of shoes Penny has inherited this week as I've found numerous boxes of Lucy's old things!)
When we got home, we made shape snacks using square cheese & crackers, and round crackers & turkey pepperoni. We made a train, a car, and a house. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to photograph the edible wonders before they were eaten.


  1. Do I spy Priddis kids next to yours? Sounds like a fun, preschool-y morning :)


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