Sawyer used to have a home. One day he ran away. Or was pushed away. No one knows why. He and his brother were on the loose. Some nice person found them and brought them to the humane society. His owner was found because Sawyer has a microchip. The owner said he didn't want Sawyer anymore. Sawyer was very sad. Sawyer's brother went home to live with a human society worker. Sawyer was in a cell for most of every day and night for nearly two months. There was lots of barking, which frightens him. He has a delicate nature. One day, we came to find a dog for our family. We met Sawyer. He charmed us. He came home. We love him. He is gentle with the children. Even when Penny gives him a digital rectal exam or Truman sits on him like a pony. He kneels at the bedside and says prayers with us at night. He loves to eat shoes.


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