This week I've been preparing for a garage sale, which we plan to have on Friday and Saturday mornings. We have a huge walk-in closet (actually about the same size as Lucy's bedroom in our first house) which is filled to the rim with stuff. Stuff we don't really need but have hung onto because (a) sentimental attachment, (b) we might need it someday, or (c) we have forgotten we even have it. Parting with stuff is really hard. The children have loved this venture, however, because it has meant sweet reunions with long-forgotten toys, and for Truman and Penny in particular, a whole new set of shoes!

We're going to be selling our cribs, toddler bed, some furniture from my sister's house, baby stuff, outdoor play equipment. I've already had a dozen inquiries about the play equipment and am now wishing I'd have asked more $ for it. I'm sure it'll be gone in the first ten minutes of the sale. The kids just don't play on it very often. And since we spent almost $300 on a new bed and mattress for Lucy (so Penny could move out of her toddler bed and into Lucy's bunk), we need every bit of extra cash we can get!


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