new school year

Today was day one of the required 180 Lucy must complete this school year. Indiana has awesome homeschool laws - keep attendance showing 180 days of instruction. That's it. Seriously. We are free to teach and do whatever we like, spending as much or as little time on it as we want.

We have converted our master suite into a homeschool room and storage area. We bought small desks for each of the children, and today they were finally allowed to play with the long-awaited school supplies!

The room before desks, and one of Lucy's art class projects from last year, which hangs on the wall in this room.

The kids were so eager to learn that they all happily got dressed this morning and were at their desks at 7:30 a.m. - a full half hour earlier than I'd hoped to get started.

After about 15 minutes spent on calendar, weather, reading a book about Johnny Appleseed, coloring the letter A, practicing finger writing on a sandpaper A, and an apple tree size ordering flannel board activity, they broke into two groups. Lucy got to work on her math workbook. Today she was doing 10s and 1s up to 50. This workbook is almost completed because she worked on it last year. It is first grade level, and by October she will be working at second grade level (she would be in first grade in public school this year). Later she also did some work in a phonics workbook, and read chapter one of the first Magic Treehouse series book. Later this afternoon, we will make apple print paintings and watch a DVD about Johnny Appleseed from the library.
Meanwhile, Truman and Penny explored a large tub of wheat. This was some expired wheat we had in our food storage. They buried small diorama figures, and used scoops, cups, and a magnifying glass to excavate.

I love homeschooling my children. I know it's not right for every family, and I don't judge those who choose to send their children to public or private schools away from home. It's not right for every child, either. For us, it works. We are blessed to be in a ward where there are at least four other homeschooling families, and live in a city where there are several co-op groups to choose from. We are signed up with one that begins in September. Once a week for three hours, the kids will go to class with like-aged children. I will teach one of their classes, though I'm not sure yet which one. Lucy will also start art class again soon, as well as swim lessons. Life is good. Busy... but good.


  1. I love what you are doing for your children!

  2. What a great set-up. I love the desks. I'm sure your kids will have lots of fun and learn a lot stuff.

  3. You go Heather!!! I will start homeschooling our oldest this year.


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