Labels identify parts of a picture.
Lion. Mane label. By Lucy, this morning.

Also on our manic Monday, we did our daily calendar, and Truman and Penny did some worksheets on colors. I personally loathe worksheets but sometimes, the kids love to do them. Truman really surprised me with how well he did a color-item matching worksheet. Then we worked in the garden for about an hour, pulling out our tomato plants which have pretty much stopped producing. We then went to a library and loaded up on books for September's themes, and went to Mimi's house for a picnic lunch in her big yard. The weather is so lovely today! The kids used brushes and rags to clean the small deer statues in Mimi's yard. Little ones napped in the van on the 40 minute drive from MV back to Newburgh, then Lucy read a chapter of Knight at Dawn and played games on Now they are watching HSM, I'll do some cleaning and laundry, and then we'll hit the supermarket before D gets home around 6. I have a prophets lesson planned for FHE tonight.

We met with our homeschool co-op group for the first time last week. It was a parents' meeting. I think it's going to be a good thing. Of course I'm freaked because I won't be with them all the time, but it seems like a really great bunch of families. Everyone went around and introduced themselves, and I kid you not - at least 2/3 of the wives were pregnant. Some with their 4th, 6th, 7th child... Lots of children. And as far as I know we're the only Mormons there, so I don't know what's up with all that procreation. ;) Our first co-op is this Friday. I will be teaching preschool, so I'll be with Truman and Penny. Lucy will be in a first grade class. She'll have anatomy first period, then nutrition 2nd period, then gym class. Then after that she has chosen cheerleading club.


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