Funnies I've heard this week.

Truman (while watching a nature show): "Mom, dem cows got some BIG nipples!"

Tonight at dinner:
Penny: I nobody! (in a happy sing-song voice)
Me: Penny, that's not true! You are somebody!
Penny: I nobody! (a little angry) I nobody! No! Body! See? I have NO BODY!
She then turned around in her dining chair, lifted the back of her dress, and showed me her diaper-clad bottom. In Penny's mind, body=bottom, so nobody=no bottom. I think.

A few nights ago:
Truman: Mommy, what's for dinner?
Me: Enchilada pie
Truman: Mmm. That's good. (Two seconds later) I don't know that food. Does my hair look okay?

Lucy frequently surprises me with new words, which are sometimes used correctly and sometimes, adorably, incorrectly. At the zoo, as we approached the Amazonia exhibit, she said, "Do you hear that bird? I don't recall hearing a bird here before." Recall???


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