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Labels identify parts of a picture.
Lion. Mane label. By Lucy, this morning.

Also on our manic Monday, we did our daily calendar, and Truman and Penny did some worksheets on colors. I personally loathe worksheets but sometimes, the kids love to do them. Truman really surprised me with how well he did a color-item matching worksheet. Then we worked in the garden for about an hour, pulling out our tomato plants which have pretty much stopped producing. We then went to a library and loaded up on books for September's themes, and went to Mimi's house for a picnic lunch in her big yard. The weather is so lovely today! The kids used brushes and rags to clean the small deer statues in Mimi's yard. Little ones napped in the van on the 40 minute drive from MV back to Newburgh, then Lucy read a chapter of Knight at Dawn and played games on Now they are watching HSM, I'll do some cleaning and laundry, and then we'll hit the supermarket before D gets home around 6. …

guineas & sunflowers

When we pick up our produce at Seton Harvest each week, the kids like to stop and pick flowers.

Of course, Penny chose the sunflower as big as her head.

Truman and Lucy watch guineas roaming on the farm.


The playroom/schoolroom has been taken over by garage sale preparations, so this morning we did a craft at the kitchen table. The kids decorated their letters (L,T,P) with gold lentils and squares of paper. We've been talking about shapes all week (more so for T & P obviously), and the glue-lentil, glue-paper connection establishes one-to-one correspondence.Later in the morning, we went to story time at the public library. Normally, D takes the kids to story time on Thursdays, but he had a meeting, so I got the pleasure of checking it out. Penny was feeling sleepy and grumpy, so she spent most of the time resting on big sister's lap. (The pink cowgirl boots are one of many pairs of shoes Penny has inherited this week as I've found numerous boxes of Lucy's old things!)
When we got home, we made shape snacks using square cheese & crackers, and round crackers & turkey pepperoni. We made a train, a car, and a house. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to p…


This week I've been preparing for a garage sale, which we plan to have on Friday and Saturday mornings. We have a huge walk-in closet (actually about the same size as Lucy's bedroom in our first house) which is filled to the rim with stuff. Stuff we don't really need but have hung onto because (a) sentimental attachment, (b) we might need it someday, or (c) we have forgotten we even have it. Parting with stuff is really hard. The children have loved this venture, however, because it has meant sweet reunions with long-forgotten toys, and for Truman and Penny in particular, a whole new set of shoes!

We're going to be selling our cribs, toddler bed, some furniture from my sister's house, baby stuff, outdoor play equipment. I've already had a dozen inquiries about the play equipment and am now wishing I'd have asked more $ for it. I'm sure it'll be gone in the first ten minutes of the sale. The kids just don't play on it very often. And since we spen…

happy salad


Funnies I've heard this week.

Truman (while watching a nature show): "Mom, dem cows got some BIG nipples!"

Tonight at dinner:
Penny: I nobody! (in a happy sing-song voice)
Me: Penny, that's not true! You are somebody!
Penny: I nobody! (a little angry) I nobody! No! Body! See? I have NO BODY!
She then turned around in her dining chair, lifted the back of her dress, and showed me her diaper-clad bottom. In Penny's mind, body=bottom, so nobody=no bottom. I think.

A few nights ago:
Truman: Mommy, what's for dinner?
Me: Enchilada pie
Truman: Mmm. That's good. (Two seconds later) I don't know that food. Does my hair look okay?

Lucy frequently surprises me with new words, which are sometimes used correctly and sometimes, adorably, incorrectly. At the zoo, as we approached the Amazonia exhibit, she said, "Do you hear that bird? I don't recall hearing a bird here before." Recall???

Zoo... again

We visited the zoo again today. This time with several friends from church. Here are the trynamic trio posing in front of the lily pad pond.

Have I mentioned Truman's obsession with these rubber boots? We found them at Goodwill about three weeks ago. They have become his most prized possession. He wears them every day, to any sort of event. We draw the line at church obviously, but he has worn them swimming, to the library, to the store, to the zoo. They actually come in handy more often than I'd originally thought. At the zoo for example, he need not fear the rampant peacock poop like the rest of us!

babywearing toys

For $5.99 each, you too can own babywearing dad or babywearing mom. Rock on, Mesker Park Zoo gift shop!

who knew?

Who knew that a drive-through car wash could be so exhilirating?

Zoo day

Last week, we paid a visit to the zoo. We normally go in the morning, but we had an empty afternoon and took advantage of the sparse crowd (thanks to napping toddlers and schooled older kids)!

Lucy in front of a lily-pad-filled pond.

Watching a giraffe eat hay. Or straw? I can never keep those two straight.

David's Triathlon

David competed in his first ever triathlon this morning, at Bluegrass Campground in northern Vanderburgh county. His time was around 1:50. He's amazing!

Arriving at the campground.

The lake water was really nasty, and HOT (80+F).

David finished the swim (700yd) in about 16 minutes, according to my not-so-accurate cell phone timing device.

Transitioning to the bike leg of the race.

Finishing the bike portion. Go David Go! Vamos David!

Finishing the last leg, a 5K run.

Post-race glow

I am so proud of him! And also a little disgusted by the smell of lake water + lots of sweat.

First Field Trip

The kids wanted to take a 'real' field trip - backpacks, name tags, the whole shebang. We've been learning about dinosaurs all week, so we took a trip to CMOE. They don't have much inside related to dinos, but there is a really big one outside.

Lucy likes to dress in costumes and dance on the stage.

I was persuaded to paint my face too. I look like a sinister Garfield.

Goggles! So we can be safe!

Backpacks, name tags... they couldn't be more official.

Cloth Pads

I tried out the Diva Cup, but found it to be extremely huge. Seriously, what giant-clacker woman is this thing designed for? It comes in only two sizes: size one if you're under 30 and have never had a baby, size two if you're over 30 or have had a baby. So obviously I fall into size 2. It was so uncomfortable. Like inserting a Dixie cup.

So my other resort, to avoid the petrochemical gels and waste associated with disposable menstrual products, is cloth pads. I'm trying out several types from several work-at-home moms, to see which design I like the best. These arrived yesterday. Now, for once, I'm anxiously awaiting the start of AF so I can test them out.

Kohl's Story

This is the first-hand account of what occurred on August 8, 2005, to my friend Amanda and her son, Kohl. If you have a pool, or your kids visit a grandparent or friend who has a pool, that is not secured with safety gates and alarms, please fix that situation today.


The short version is that it was nap time and I put on a movie and gave him a cupie of milk, and laied a blanket down in the living room. I went to put up some laundry and on my way back, I saw I had an IM, so I stopped and talked for a few minutes, maybe 5? And then I told the girl, "Kohl is so quiet, I bet he's asleep" so I went to check on him. I was gonna put him in the crib. And when I went into the living room, the sun was shining on the wood floor. The door was open. I remember that sunlight so clearly. My heart sank and I ran out the door, looking by the slide and swings. Not there, I could just HEAR my mother's voice say "amanda if you ever can't find him, always check the pool …

playhut madness

Q: What do you do when it's way too hot and humid to play outside, and the swimsuits are all in the washer?

There really are three children and a dog somewhere in this mass of manmade material.

lazy days of summer

Over the weekend, David and I (mainly David) helped my sister and her husband move to a house in Mt. Vernon. I hadn't been in Mt. Vernon in years. It was seriously trippy, and probably the trigger for all the weird high school dreams I've been having the last few nights.

Later the same day, we took the kids swimming with my mom. There's a great new pool at Howell park on the west side of Evansville. Penny mostly enjoyed sleeping on her Mimi.


We picked this tomato today from our garden. It's the largest we've grown so far! I wish I had a food scale to know how much it weighs. But, then I'd be the kind of girl who owns a food scale, and I really don't want to start down that path.


Sawyer used to have a home. One day he ran away. Or was pushed away. No one knows why. He and his brother were on the loose. Some nice person found them and brought them to the humane society. His owner was found because Sawyer has a microchip. The owner said he didn't want Sawyer anymore. Sawyer was very sad. Sawyer's brother went home to live with a human society worker. Sawyer was in a cell for most of every day and night for nearly two months. There was lots of barking, which frightens him. He has a delicate nature. One day, we came to find a dog for our family. We met Sawyer. He charmed us. He came home. We love him. He is gentle with the children. Even when Penny gives him a digital rectal exam or Truman sits on him like a pony. He kneels at the bedside and says prayers with us at night. He loves to eat shoes.

Nature Preserve

We met some friends at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve yesterday afternoon for a quick adventure.
Truman and Elijah building with bone blocks.

Lucy and Hannah
Penelope in the puppet theater

pete repeat

This afternoon, Truman had me sit in a school chair, while he re-enacted this morning's flannel board story, "Scat the Cat." Fulfilling to see that some bit of information has been received and retained! (at least for a few hours)

new school year

Today was day one of the required 180 Lucy must complete this school year. Indiana has awesome homeschool laws - keep attendance showing 180 days of instruction. That's it. Seriously. We are free to teach and do whatever we like, spending as much or as little time on it as we want.

We have converted our master suite into a homeschool room and storage area. We bought small desks for each of the children, and today they were finally allowed to play with the long-awaited school supplies!

The room before desks, and one of Lucy's art class projects from last year, which hangs on the wall in this room.

The kids were so eager to learn that they all happily got dressed this morning and were at their desks at 7:30 a.m. - a full half hour earlier than I'd hoped to get started.

After about 15 minutes spent on calendar, weather, reading a book about Johnny Appleseed, coloring the letter A, practicing finger writing on a sandpaper A, and an apple tree size ordering flannel board activity, …

garden (no silver bells or cockle shells)

Green caterpillar, center, has devoured the hollyhocks. Since they did not flower this year, I have decided to give them over for the critter's feast.

This is a lovely ivy growing on the back wall of the garden, and I can't bring myself to pluck it out of the ground.

The pumpkins have branched out and grasped onto this horribly ugly pampas grass that was here when we moved in. We have tried in vain to kill this thing, so perhaps the pumpkins will assist us in that effort!